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Homework Policies for Middle School

by Steve Smith, September 27, 2006

Dear Middle School Parents and Guardians,

The Middle School years are so important in a person’s development toward secure, responsible adulthood due to the physical, emotional and social changes that occur during this time. As James Dobson said in a recent article, a child’s school life must be balanced with time needed for family, friends, sports, church , music and other activities.

It is such a balance we are aiming for at Heritage. On average, grade 7-9 students can expect to receive about 5-6 hours of homework per week (closer to 5 for Grade 7 and 6 hours for Grade 9). This time is shared among all the subjects in which homework may be assigned (Math, English, Science, Socials, CAPP, Bible, Music, Outdoor Ed, Journalism and Art). As teachers we are trying to coordinate the amount of homework we assign per class per week.

Each core subject (eg: English, Math, Socials and Science) will require about 1 to 1.5 hours per week. Various other subjects (CAPP, Bible, Music, Outdoor Ed, Journalism) may fill up the remaining hour. In terms of scheduling, this means that every grade 7 and 8 student should book about 45 minutes per night of quiet, focused study (if some homework is done on weekends). Grade 9’s will need to schedule a regular hour of homework each night and occasionally extra time for major projects. Without such a regular schedule, students will inevitably feel stress and anxiety when multiple projects are due. I urge parents to become familiar with their child’s two week rotating schedule and assist your child in planning and setting priorities. Regularly visiting the Students Achieve website will also help you to know what homework is due and how your student is doing throughout the term.

Our goal as teachers at Heritage Christian School is to help your child meet or exceed the academic standards necessary to achieve the career goal to which God is calling your child. This mean that even as Middle School Teachers, we keep an eye on the provincial requirements our students will need to meet at graduation. In each successive year of schooling the level of effort needed to achieve success will increase and we want to continue to lay a strong foundation for all of our students.

If you have questions or concerns please contact your child’s teacher directly. All of our staff email addresses are available through the student’s achieve website or the HCS website. It is a blessing to be a part of the educational team and we appreciate the blessing of helping your child understand his purpose and life goals.

Steve Smith