School History

Heritage Christian School, which began in 1986, is a ministry of Kelowna Christian Centre (KCC). HCS is a private, co-educational, non-profit school that was given recognition (Group 1 rating) by the BC Ministry of Education. All teaching staff are fully certified by the Teachers Regulation Branch.

In 1997, HCS moved its campus from Gerstmar Road to its present location on Badke Road situated beside KCC. In 1999, the school built a new gymnasium / student lounge complex. In 2006, we added an Industrial Arts complex that houses our wood shop, automotive shop, and science classroom, among other rooms. School enrolment has increased from 165 in 1996/97 to over 350 in the current school year.

HCS is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). This educational association gives professional assistance in developing the distinct dimensions of school operation and curriculum development. ACSI currently has over 3900 member schools in Canada, the USA, as well as 85 nations overseas. These schools have more than 840,000 students enrolled not including the 140 member colleges & universities. Western Canada alone has 89 member schools, 11 member colleges, and over 18,000 students.

The school is also a member of the Federation of Independent School Associations (FISA). This organization in BC acts as a spokesperson for member independent schools in BC, and as a liaison between the schools, the government, and other educational institutions, seeking fair treatment in legislative and financial terms.

Additional information about the history of HCS can be found in the Heart of Heritage video.