Elementary School @ HCS

At Heritage Elementary, we teach 5 R’s: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic… plus Right vs. Wrong.

We believe character education precedes academic education in importance; as the Scriptures say: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.” The goal of education is not merely to make children smart in terms of accumulating knowledge, but to make them wise, so that as the grow-up, they will learn to put their new knowledge to good and useful purposes.

All Heritage teachers are certified by the BC Ministry of Education, and work hard to achieve high academic goals for our school. Our goal is to help each child develop to his or her full potential in academic skills, social skills, physical abilities, and spiritual gifts. The principals of Heritage have adopted policies to ensure that class sizes are kept small so that children are ensured ample individual attention from teachers. And where extra help is needed, teachers are aided by fully certified Educational Assistants.

As with character education, a key feature of our academic success at HCS are the partnerships we seek to foster between parents and our professional educators.

Everyone Included

HCS provides special needs educationEvery 6th year, like all independent schools, HCS receives a in-depth inspection by a team of education experts from the Ministry of Education. And each time they come these inspectors are amazed at the results Heritage achieves while spending far less per student than the public schools which surround us.

The key to this success is the inclusiveness of our Christian community, where all children are welcomed regardless of the parent’s ability to pay. Almost 40% of our parents receive some degree of tuition assistance. The heart of Heritage is that no child should be turned away from a Christian education due to financial need, making us a private school for the public and not just the privileged.

A Family Environment

Teaching community valuesAsk anyone about what makes Heritage Christian School unique, and somewhere in their answer you’ll hear the word “community”. This sense of community is felt not only among our staff and students, but between parents and teachers, as well.

The goal of all education at Heritage Christian School is to help children understand and develop their identity in Christ. This includes Bible stories and weekly chapels, of course, but it also includes how we answer life’s “big questions”: How did the world come to be? What does it mean to be human? How do we decide right from wrong? When students see a consistency in the way we answer these big questions at home, at church, and at school, they develop a much more stable, secure, and illuminating worldview.

Heritage Preschool and Kindergarten

Love and KindnessSchool readiness is more than just colours, numbers, and letters. We prepare children for school by looking at the whole child, intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. All of our learning activities are developed within a Christian Framework to help children learn new skills and develop their God-given abilities.

Each teacher at Heritage is both fully certified by the Ministry of Education, and fully committed to the spiritual ministry of Christian education. This means that values you work to instill in your child at home are reflected in the curriculum and learning environment at Heritage Christian Preschool and Kindergarten.

About Our Teachers

Curiosity and LearningHeritage Christian Preschool and Heritage Christian Kindergarten are both governed by the Kelowna Christian Centre Society (KCCS), whose property is made available for use by all our schools. KCCS holds all their teachers to the highest standards of professional and Christian accountability.

When hiring teachers, we are as much interested in their Christian experience as we are in their professional credentials. Some staff at HCS have been with us since the school was founded 20 years ago, and bring a wealth of experience in both curriculum methods and classroom management. These teachers help us mentor younger teachers, who bring a fresh vitality and enthusiasm to their teaching.



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