Middle and High School @ HCS

We believe that every student is equipped with unique, God-given gifts and abilities. Properly nurtured and developed, these natural talents will help each student become a successful, contributing member of his or her community. Therefore we seek to provide as many high quality elective courses as possible to help students discover and develop their gifts. Some of these are academic subjects, such as History 12, Geography 12, Biology 12, Spanish 9-12, etc. Other electives include the following:

  • Computers and Digital Design
  • Visual Art / Photography
  • Dance / Choreography (7-9)
  • Intro to Band / Choir (7-9)
  • Drama for Film and Television
  • Theatre (Drama / Theatre Tech) — Theatre courses are part of an annual theatre production, such as “Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat” and "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe"
  • Mechanics (Small/Large Engine)
  • Wood Work and Carpentry
  • Intro to Textiles (sewing)


Academic Excellence

Student receiving medal for a presentation given at the Millenium Development ChallengeAll courses required for university entrance, college entrance, as well as entrance to apprentice and trade school programs are offered at HCS. Small classes sizes and close teacher-student relationships mean that the great majority of our students finish well above the provincial average. At HCS, we are committed to helping students pursue their God-given calling. Whether a student wants to become a cabinet maker or a cabinet minister, they can pursue their goals through the courses offered at HCS.

Currently, we have HCS alumni studying Arts, Science, Education, and Medicine in various universities, many of whom received sizeable scholarships. In the 2008/09 school year, HCS graduates received an average of $1200 in scholarships towards post-secondary education. In 2007, the recipient of the prestigious Governor General’s Silver Medal at Okanagan College was an HCS graduate. In 2008, another graduate was the recipient of a research grant from the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council for work in synthetic chemistry. Miss Canada International 2009, Catherine Thomas, is also a graduate of HCS.

Christian Values

At HCS we are committed to helping young people come to an authentic and mature faith in Christ.

This kind of faith isn’t imposed on young people, or merely taught from a textbook. It is mentored by the teachers, and supported by a community of parents and peers. We believe that young people need the freedom to “work out their own salvation” (Phil 2:12) by searching and questioning and building a deep foundation for their faith.

Bible classes are only one way in which Christian values are taught. All courses— from Art to English, from Science to Shop— are taught by Christian teachers from a Christian perspective. Students also learn Christian principles in weekly chapels and on special service days, as well as on 2 school-wide spiritual retreats each year.


Christian growth requires a community of believers for both support and accountability. Only in a supportive community can students feel confident to grow spiritually, socially, and academically.

Improving in any area of our lives requires that we risk trying new ways of thinking and acting. We work hard to provide an environment that provides the necessary security students need to grow. Each year we take two school-wide retreats and numerous class fieldtrips so students can get to know each other and appreciate each other’s unique characteristics and abilities.

At Heritage, we see that peer pressure can be a positive force through which students encourage one another to explore their faith and grow in their gifts and talents.


Netbook initiative

This year we are pleased to announce that all our Grade 10-12 students have received complementary netbooks.  As the digital age is upon us, HCS desires to be ahead of this digital revolution as we help reshape schooling.  Students at our school must and will be ready to enter a digital work force and must and will be given the tools, training, and skills to not only to create wonderful projects and presentations, but also to market their message with contemporary resources.

With 67 netbooks being found in the hands of students, Heritage is taking a huge step in this digital-direction.  We desire to augment our courses through the infusion and production of digital content.  Each student’s school experience now includes having instant access to Google, watching and responding to relevant and current video content, interacting with others in meaningful, yet digital, ways, and producing material abounding with digital flair.  Stay tuned, the sky is the limit!


Sports Programs

The 08/09 Senior Boys Basketball TeamSports programs at HCS provide valuable lessons to students about fair play, commitment, and teamwork. These lessons extend well beyond the players on the team, since the strong school spirit at HCS means that our gym is full on game night, with an enthusiastic crowd of friends and family. It is well known among teams from other schools that home games in the Heritage gym will be loud and boisterous.

Athletic talent, like other academic, social, and spiritual gifts, can be used to serve one’s community. Not only do these students provide excellent entertainment and inspiration for the rest of us, by celebrating their gifts, our community comes closer together (both when we win, and when we lose).

HCS basketball (girls and boys, grades 6-12) and boys soccer team (grades 8-12) often compete at the top of their division in the Kelowna league, and some of our teams have made it all the way to the Okanagan Valley play-offs.

Post-Secondary Planning

As students discover and refine their natural gifts and talents, we provide counseling services which help them identify and research careers which they will find rewarding.

HCS grads have attended various universities and colleges in BC and across Canada, as well as specialty colleges like Marvel College and Vancouver Film School. We believe all students are uniquely gifted, and that students will discover their calling where their own great joy meets the world’s great need.

Many of our students make significant progress in their career orientation during our six week trip to Mexico, where they put their skills and talents to use in various ways, such as teaching English.



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