Global Citizenship Program - Find Your Voice

The world needs your voice.


GCP: Find Your Voice is a new grade 10, 11, and 12 course that has been purposefully designed to see students discover who they are as a child of God, find their voice, and learn how to engage with the world around them.

We believe that each student was designed with a radical Kingdom purpose and each one of them carries unique and powerful solutions, wisdom, and creativity. This course is designed to help each student discover the incredible power of who they are, feel confident in sharing and expressing their ideas, and experience deep relational growth with God, with others, and within themselves.

This course will be comprised of four different course modules taught by four different teachers and will focus on practical learning opportunities — seeing students actually do the things they are learning — and will provide ample opportunity for students to experience the outdoors, serve others, and connect their passions to their learning. Each course will also include one major travel opportunity where students will connect their in-class learning with adventure and service around the world.

In each module, students will be taking in short bursts of classroom instruction with a focus on out-of-the classroom learning. We will be taking our kids on trips, helping them plan and execute events, inviting in guest speakers, and will be providing opportunity for them feel connected to themselves, to others, to creation, and to Jesus. Additionally, this course will help students meet the requirements of PE10, Career Life Education, and Career Life Connections.

Below are the four modules and staff that will be teaching each module:

  • Entrepreneurship: Mike Chobot
  • Humanities: Bri Dyck
  • Self and Others: Emily Yallits
  • Geography and Outdoor Ed: Anthony Kuchma
  • Student Travel Coordinator: Gord Robideau

This is a program entirely unique to our school that envisions a new type of education that is relational, reflective, and practical. This is so exciting for our school and our students. We are front-running a new vision of what education can be.

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