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An Article For My Students

by Steve Cox, November 12, 2002

Many students have remarked that I should write an article geared for them. The articles about homework and discipline issues just don’t interest them. It is an intriguing idea. So, with your permission, this is for my elementary students.

Help Me Find Him!

I need your help. There’s a student in the school I haven’t met yet. It’s not that I haven’t tried. He’s an expert of disguise and seems to be able to flee the scene before I can get there. I can’t find him in the school database but he has turned up in every class. I think he must be male by his “Modus Operandi”.

His name? “S. Notmee”. He might be in trouble a lot if I could find him. Every time I ask who made the mess, it’s “S. Notmee”. When I question who knocked over the chairs, “ S. Notmee”. When I ask who took the missing book, “S. Notmee”. Sometimes, though, he can be an excellent student. When I ask who got a perfect mark on that tough test, “S. Notmee”.

I’m not sure what he looks like, but I think he has neatly combed hair and is always well-equipped. When people lose their hairbrushes or pencils, I ask if anyone knows anything about it. “S. Notmee” is always the culprit. SO if you can help me out, I would appreciate it. Next time you tell me “ S. Notmee” is responsible for something that has gone wrong, please point him out in the same motion. You can help me find the elusive student that is giving me so much grief.

Steve Cox